Many people buy pillows without having to worry about washing. According to an unconsolidated opinion, the cushions cannot be washed as they would destroy the constructive benefits, with all the consequences of the case. Otherwise, from the ordinary cushions the memory foam cushions can be washed but with the necessary precautions, regardless of their degree of dirtiness and their possession.

To wash this type of pillow it is essential to be extremely delicate because the material of which they are composed is very sensitive. Fortunately, the latest generation memory foam cushions have facilitated the washing phase, thanks to the absence of porosity that eliminates excessive water absorption. The question now arises spontaneously: how to wash a memory pillow? The answer is simple: just use a specific soap and detergent (rather delicate) and remove the memory foam cushion from the outside with light movements, without shaking them with your hand.

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And if the memory pillow has been staining for several years and its smell is unbearable?

In these cases, it would be advisable to dip our memory foam pillow in a container of cold water, with the addition of vinegar (not balsamic) for about 8 hours. Subsequently, the memory foam pillow must be laid out in the sun for several hours.

Another recurring question is the following: can a memory foam pillow be washed directly in the washing machine?

For common cushions, washing them in the washing machine is almost a must. On the other hand, for memory foam cushions the question is somewhat complicated since a particular type of dry cleaning would be required, that is not included in many washing machines on the market. In this case, it would be advisable to contact the specialized laundries directly, in order not to damage the memory foam pillow.

It could be said that the latest generation washing machines are not able to easily wash a memory cushion: even in the presence of exorbitant cost washing machines, the memory foam cushion would be damaged, since the washing would be too aggressive, even in delicate mode.

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